How will I add/update Household and Medical Contact Information in the ADS application? Follow

Pre-requisites: Employee should be registered to ADS to add Household members. Household members can be added to employee's profile or to an existing PCS.
Topics Covered:
Target Users:
  • Employees
  • Service Providers
  • Organization Administrators
Required Permissions:
  • View Household Data


When an employee is assigned to a post, he/she can bring along household members such as spouse, children, friends and others. Household members can be added to an PCS assignment or can be added to employee's profile. Steps for adding/updating medical contacts are the same as Household members.

There are 2 ways an employee can add/update and delete household information.

  • Using the Household Members page from Employee Dashboard
  • Using the Assignment details page

Add Household members using Employee Dashboard

From the Employee Dashboard, select the Household menu. The Household members page will display all the current household members and the Medical contacts for the Employee. The links in the page will allow an employee to add new members, update the existing members information and delete an employee. Please see Figure-1 below.



Add Household members using Assignment Details

Also, the ADS will allow employee to add Household members from the Assignment Details page. From the Employee Dashboard “Home” page, select any PCS assignment. From the View Assignments Details page, an employee can add additional Household members. Please see Figure-2 below for the Household tab.



How to add a Household Member from Employee’s Profile to a specific Assignment?

In the Assignment Details page, when the user selects the “Household” tab, the “Select Household Members” page will be displayed. This page will display all members currently attached to the assignment and all other Household members from the Employee’s profile. The employee can select any other members and attach them to the current assignment. Please see the Figure-3 below. In this UI, the user can set arrival date and departure dates for household members for the assignment.



Will the Household member added in the Assignment Details page will be displayed in Household members page in the Employee profile?

Yes. A Household member added in the Employee’s assignment details page will be displayed in Household members page from Employee’s profile.

If the Employee removes a Household member from the Assignment details page, will that Household member be removed from the Employee’s profile page?

No. An Employee can select a Household member from the Employee profile page and add the member to a one or many assignments. So, deleting a household member from an assignment will only remove the member from that specific assignment. Deleting a Household member from Employee’s profile will remove that member from all assignments.

Add Medical Contacts

Similarly, Employee's Medical contacts can be added from Household UI of the employee's dashboard. Please Figure-4 below.




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