How Can I Complete a Process That is Assigned to Me in a PCS? Follow

Topics Covered:
Target Users:
  • Employees
  • Organization Administrators
Required Permissions:
  • Employee: Default permission
  • Service Providers: Manage Process


An employee who has a PCS request may have to complete a task or a set of tasks in the Pre-Arrival process, Check-in process or in Check-out Process. This article explains about the steps on how to complete a task in the Process. 

View all the PCS Assignments

From the Employee Dashboard, the Home menu will display an employee’s current assignment and all “Approved” PCS Requests for the Employee. Please see Image-1 below. There are 3 types of processes, Pre-Arrival, Check-in and Check-out Process.  

In this PCS, the Pre-Arrival process has been “In Progress” and there are 3 task in this process and 1 has been completed. Check-in and Check-out processes are in view but can't be started yet. There is no Process assigned for Check-out.


View all Process and Tasks to Complete the Tasks

To View or to Complete a Process, select the “View” or “Start Process” Link. The application will display all the information about the process including the Sub-Process and Tasks as in the Image-2 below. In this Process there are 3 tasks. 2 tasks are assigned to the Employee and 1 task is assigned to the Service Provider. 



To complete a task, click anywhere on the task the task details page will be displayed as in Image-3 below. The employee may enter the necessary data and then either “Save” (then complete it later) or “Save & Complete” the task. 





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