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Pre-requisites: Employee should have an active account or account.
Topics Covered:
Target Users:
  • Employees
Required Permissions:
  • None


An employee with an active account or account can register into ADS by accessing URL

How will I Register myself in ADS application?

Once the user is authenticated using their credentials, the ADS application will allow the user to register themselves in ADS as follows:

  • Arrivals & New Hires
  • Incumbents & Departures
  • Service Providers

Please see Image-1 below for the different types of registration.


Note: There is also a Service Provider initiated registration named “Account Invitations” which will be documented in a different document.

Arrivals & New Hires Registration: Arrivals & New Hires includes all foreign service personnel arriving at a Post and all new employees in a post.

Incumbents & Departures Registration: Incumbents & Departures include all existing personnel in a post and any personnel registering to begin a departure to another post.

Service Provider Registration: Service Providers are Post personnel with special admin privileges within the application who do not need a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) request.


Arrivals & New Hires registration and Incumbents & Departures registration collect the employee (or user’s) profile information. Please see the Image-2 below.



The Employee profile information consists of the following:

Employee’s Employment Information

Identification Information

Contact Information

Residence Information

Passport data

Household data

Employee’s Post Assignment Information

Once the employee enter all the required profile information, the employee is able to review the information before it is submitted, please see the Image-3 below. When the employee performs the “Submit Registration” action the registration is submitted for approval and a Notification is sent to the system admin or Post Service Provider to approve the registration.


Is there any difference in data collected for Arrivals & New Hires registration and Incumbents & Departures registration? No.

The data collected from the employee is same.

Is there any difference in the Approval process for Arrivals & New Hires registration and Incumbents & Departures registration? Yes.

For an Arrivals & New Hires Registration, the Post Service Provider or system admin needs to select and add Pre-Arrival Process and Check-in Process before approving the registration. Please see the Image-4 below. If there is any process that needs to be completed by the Employee, a related notification is sent to employee.

For an Incumbents & Departures registration, the Post Service Provider or system admin will not be prompted to select and add Pre-Arrival Process and Check-in Process before approving the registration. This is because the employee is already in the Post and does not need a Pre-Arrival or Check-in Process



How will I register as Service Provider?

A user or a selected employee will be allowed to register as a Service provider. A service provider has elevated privileges as he/she is responsible for the Post administration. After an employee initially login into ADS Application using their credentials, from the registration page select “Service Providers”. Please see Image-5 below for the data information collected for Service Provider registration. The yellow text boxes are required fields needed to register as a service provider. It is important to select a “Post” where the employee will be Service Provider.



When the employee Submits the registration, the Review page will be displayed where the user can review the data before submitting the data for approval. A notification email or system message with title “Account Registration submitted” is sent to the Post Service Provider or system admin to “Approve” or “Reject” the Service Provider Registration. Once the Post Service Provider or System Admin approves the Service Provider Registration and permissions are set for the employee or the Service Provider Group, the employee will have Service Provider Access to ADS application. When a Service The Post Service Provider or system admin approves the registration, they could assign the group permission. Please see Image-6 below.


Please see the Image-7 below to access Service Provider Dashboard






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