How can a SP Approve or Reject a pending Registration Request? Follow

Pre-requisites: The Service provider user should have Manage Assignment Permissions to Approve or reject a registration.
Topics Covered:
Target Users:
  • Service Providers
  • Organization Administrators
Required Permissions:
  • Manage Assignments


When an employee is registered in ADS, the post Service Provider user of a system administrator needs to approve it. The Post Service Provider or system admin can also reject the registration.

View Employee Registration

As a Service Provider(SP) for a post, one my roles and responsibilities is to Approve or Reject Registration submitted by user. To see all the Pending Registrations, login to the ADS application with SP privileges and go to SP dashboard. Please select “Pending Registration” menu as shown in Figure-1 below.



The “Pending Registration” menu will display a “Pending Registrations” page. This page has information about all pending Registrations submitted by other users that need to be Approved or Rejected by a SP of the Post. Please see the Figure-2 below.


Figure 2

Approve/Reject Employee Registration

When a SP clicks the “View” Image link, the pending Account page will be displayed. Please see Figure-3 below. In this page the post SP can see all of the information about the new employee Registration. The Post SP can change the registration type from the drop down before approving it. Please see Figure-3 below. When the registration type is "Service Provider", the post SP user can select the permissions for the registered user. Also, post SP can set values for “Position”, “Estimated Start Month”, “Estimated End Month”.


When the Registration type is a New Arrival/New Hire (or Incumbent/Departure), a corresponding UI is displayed where the post SP can set following values. Please see Figure-4 below.

  • Position 
  • Employee Currently at Post 
  • Arrival Date 
  • Estimated Departure Date 
  • Pre-Arrival Process 
  • Check-In Process 



For all registration types, the post Service Provider or system admin should approve or reject an employee registration before it is completed. When the registration is approved, a notification is sent to the employee. When the registration is rejected a corresponding notification is sent to the employee. When it is rejected, the employee can again re-submit the registration. 




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