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Pre-requisites: A user needs to register into ADS and have an active PCS to be added to Post Service provider group or to any other post Admin groups.
Topics Covered:
Target Users:
  • Service Providers
  • Organization Administrators
Required Permissions:
  • Manage Permissions


A post Service provider can add another user from current post or any other user from a different post to any post groups. Then these users will inherit the permissions of the group.

Login to ADS application as a Service Provider. The “Select Organization” drop down, shows the Post where I’m a SP. Select a Post and then “Post Management” menu from the right as shown in Figure-1 below.


Figure 1


The Post Overview page will be displayed as in Figure-2 below. From this page, select “Manage Permissions” menu from the left.


Figure 2

View all Groups in a Post

The ADS application will display the Post Permissions (New Delhi Permissions) page as in Figure-3 below. The “Service Provider Groups” section of this page, display all the current groups created for this Post. Please see Figure-3 below. This page displays the group details like Name of the group, Number of Users, Last Update Date, Users Image, Permission Image and Delete Image.


Figure 3

Add users to a Group

When I select the “Users” image, the “Service Provider Group Users” page will be displayed. Please see Figure-4 below. This page has information about Users Name, Current Post, Date Added, along with “Add User” link at the top-right.


Figure 4

When I select “Add User” link, a model dialog will be displayed where I can search for users. If I like to add an assignee from Berlin post to a “New Delhi” group, select the Post, Berlin from the first drop down and click the “Search” button. This will display all assignees in the Berlin Post. Also, I can filter the search results by the name of the assignees. Please see Figure-5 below


In the search result table, when I click on the “Select” link, the corresponding user will be added to the group.



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