How can a Service Provider see all of the Employees in a Post? Follow

Pre-requisites: The logged in user must be a Service Provider of a post to see all the employees who have a PCS assignment to the post.
Topics Covered:
Target Users:
  • Service Providers
  • Organization Administrators
Required Permissions:
  • None


Service Provider(SP) has higher privileges in ADS application. As a SP, I should be able to see all Employees in a post. Login as SP to ADS application. From the Service Provider Dashboard, SP may select the post and then the “Employees” menu. Please see the Figure-1 below


Figure 1

View All Employees in a Post

When I select the “Employees” menu, the Post Employees page will be displayed. This page has the information about all employees whose registration has been approved by a Service provider or a system admin. Please see Figure-2 below. Data in the page includes Assignee’s Name, Assignee Status, Post Assignment information, Arrival date and Departure date. As a SP, I can “Set Arrival Date”, “Set Departure Date”,“Update Assignment Status” and Remove Assignment.


Figure 2

Set Assignment Status of a Employee

As a SP, I can set the “Assignment Status” of an employee. When the “Update Assignment Status” link is selected for an employee, the “Update Assignment Status” dialog is displayed as in Figure-3. I will be able to select and update the status from the drop-down menu.



View Assignment Details of a Employee

I can also see the Assignment details information for the employee by selecting the “View” Image. Please see Figure-3 below for the Assignment Details page. As a SP, I can...

Set the Arrival and Departure Date

Update Employee Profile

Set Assignment Fields

Add/Update/Delete the Household members for the assignment

Able to view ENS (Emergency Contact Info) of the assignee

Add/Update/Delete Alternate Locations (Work location and Schools)

Add/Update/Delete the Vehicle information for the assignment

Add/Update/Delete the Pets information for the assignment






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