How to Change the Position Number? Follow

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  • Service Providers
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  • Manage work Locations


There are 3 steps required to change the position number of a position:

  1. Create a New Position with a new number
  2. Move the current Incumbent to the new position from the Service Provider dashboard
  3. Set the Status of the old position to "Closed"

Create a New Position with a New Number

From the Service Provider dashboard, select the "Positions" menu from the left Navigation, “All Positions ” management page is displayed. Please see Figure-1 below.


The “Add New” button at the top-left of the page can be used to add new Positions. Please see Figure-2 below. The following are the required fields for this User Interface:

  • Position Number
  • Position Title
  • Status

Language Skills can be added to the Position by selecting "Add Language" button. Multiple  Languages can be added along with a Reading and Writing rating. Please Figure-2 below.

Also Notes can be added to a position. Please Figure-2 below.

Once all the Position data is added, the position can be saved by selecting the "Add" button.

Once a Position is Saved, its Position number cannot be edited.


Figure -2

Move the current Incumbent to the new position from the SP dashboard

From the Service Provider Dashboard, select the Pre-Arrival, Check-In, Check-Out navigation menu. Select the employee assignment. The Process assignment page is displayed as in the Figure-3 below. 


Select the "Change" link in the Position section. This action will open the "Change Employee Position" page. The Service Provider can search for the new Position and set the new position for this assignment. Please see Figure-4 and Figure-5 below.

Figure-4 the Service provider can search for a new positions and in Figure-5 please notice the values for "Current Position" and "New Position".





Set the Status of the old position to Closed

To set the Status of a position to "Closed", the user need to Edit the Position. Please see Figure-1 above. Select the Edit Image to edit the selected position. The Position Management Edit Position page will be displayed as in Figure-5 below.

Select the value "Closed" from Select drop down and click on the "Update" button from the bottom right to Save the record.






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