Can I Transfer To/From a Domestic Assignment Using ADS? Follow

As of Februrary 20, 2019, no domestic offices are using ADS.  If you are transferring to/from a mission using ADS, you'll get an invitation from your mission service providers to start your pre-arrival, check-in or check-out process.

In the next six weeks, EUR-IO/EX domestic office will be the first domestic office to start using ADS for transferring staff.  

To find out for sure whether your gaining post or office is using ADS, you can choose new PCS transfer with the "New PCS" option on the left navigation bar, after selecting a post or office, estimated date, and clicking submit.  If the selected post or office is not using ADS, the message on the screen will say so.  Otherwise, the new PCS request will go to the post or office service providers for action.



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