How to set Milestones in a Sub-process and Configure Sub-Process Milestone Notifications? Follow

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Milestones are a new concept for tracking the completion of high value tasks and sub processes throughout an employee's process. They can be used across multiple processes to compare how far along employees are in their respective processes. These are created at an organization level and then can be set for individual tasks or sub processes. 

Adding Milestone to a Sub-process

Please see the article “What are Milestones and how do you Create Milestones in ADS” on how to create Milestone for different process in ADS. 

A Milestone can be added to a Sub-Process during Sub-Process creation or when the Sub-process is edited. Please see the Figure-1 below on how to add a Milestone to a sub-process.


All the Post level, Mission Level and System Level Milestones for the Pre-Arrival process can be selected from the drop-down user interface. The drop-down automatically filter milestone by process types. If the sub-process is a “Pre-Arrival” type, the UI will display only the “Pre-Arrival” Milestones. Similarly if the sub-process is a “Check-In” type, the UI will display only the “Check-In” Milestones and if the sub-process is a “Check-out” type, the UI will display only “Check-Out” Milestones. 

 When a milestone is selected, the Notification tab is visible to the user. 

Configure and Setup Milestone Notifications

To set Milestone Notifications for a sub-process, select the “Notification” tab. Please see Figure-2 below. 



Currently ADS allow Milestone Notification to be fired when the “Milestone Reached” event occurs. The UI can be configured to send:

  • System Notification 
  • Email Notification 
  • System & Email Notification 

System Notifications can only be sent to Employees while Email Notifications can be sent to Employee or Others. When the “Other” option is selected, the UI allows the user to enter an email where the notifications can be sent. 

When all of the Tasks for a sub-process are completed from the PCS Assignment UI, the Milestone has reached for the Sub-process. System/Email Notifications will be sent based on the Milestone configurations for the sub-process. 




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