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Pre-requisites: To send notifications for an event, the system notifications and Email Notifications need to be enabled from the system administration Notifications page. A system admin can enable or disable System or Email notifications from the Manage Notifications UI.
Topics Covered:
Target Users:
  • Service Providers
  • Organization Administrators
Required Permissions:
  • Manage Process


In ADS a process task can be configured to send System and Email notification to Employees and Service Providers of a Post. The events, "Ready to Begin Task and Task Completed" will trigger the above notifications.

Create Notifications for Tasks

An authenticated Service Provider(SP) for a Post can create Process, Sub-Process and Tasks. There are 3 types of Process and they are:

  • Pre-Arrival Process 
  • Check-In Process  
  • Check-Out Process 

When SP create Tasks for each process, the process can be configured for notifications to be sent to an Employee or Groups. There are 3 types for Notifications:

  • System Notifications  
  • Email Notifications 
  • System and Email Notifications (both) 

To configure task notifications, login to ADS with Post admin privileges and go to the Post Admin Dashboard, Create a Process and Sub-Process under Pre-Arrival Menu. 

To create a Process, please see the article “How will I create a process in a Post” 

To create a Sub-Process, please see the article “How will I create a Sub-Process for a Process 

To create a Task, please see the article “How will I create a task in a Sub-Process” 

Now create a task under the sub-process. Task Notifications can be sent to all the task types and they are: 

  • Checkbox Type 
  • Data Collection Type 
  • File Upload Type 
  • Electronic Signature Type 
  • System Actions Type 

To configure a Task Notifications, go to the “Notifications” Tab when the task is created or edited. Please see the Figure-1 below.  

There are 2 events that trigger the notifications, they are 

  • Ready to Begin Task 
  • Task Completed 

The notification can be sent to 

  • Employee 
  • Assigned Users 
  • All user with permission 
  • Other 


Once the Notifications are configured, save the task and publish the Process. 

When a PCS request is configured to start the task or when the task is completed, ADS will send System notifications, Email notifications or both to the users as per the above configuration. 



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