How can I create a task to request an employee to complete a form and send it back to a SP? Follow

Pre-requisites: A "Complete Form" task needs to be assigned to the employee and employee must have permission to complete the task.
Topics Covered:
Target Users:
  • Service Providers
  • Organization Administrators
Required Permissions:
  • Manage Process


A service provider can create a task to request an employee or a post assignee to complete a form. This type of task can be created using the “File Upload” task type and uploading "Supporting Files" to the task. 

Configure Task with Supporting Files

A service provider can: 

  • Attach a form to a task 
  • Request employee to download the form  
  • Complete it and upload the back to task 

This process is exactly the same as How can I create a task to request the employee to upload personnel file? except that there is an additional step in the task creation to add “Supporting Files”.

When the task is created, select the “Supporting files” tab and then select “Upload New Attachment” to add a form (like w2-document or some other pdf or word docs). Please see Figure-1 below. Once the file uploaded, Save the task and then publish process. 

This Published Process is available when a New PCS or a Registration is Approved by a Service Provider.


Complete Task with Supporting Files

When the employee access the task from the Assignment page to Complete the task, the “Task Details” page will allow the employee to download the attached file to their desktop.  Now the employee may complete the form and return the document back to SP by attaching it to the task. 

Please see Figure-2 below. 


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