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ADS Application can have System, Mission, and Post level forms (PDF). The elements of these forms can be mapped to data collection fields using “Form Workflow” sub-process and data collection task types.

Configure a Sub-Process, Task and Form

Figure-1 shows an image of a form named SF-1190 in the ADS application. 

In this form, green fields are already mapped, and the Orange fields will be mapped and populated using Form workflow. I’m going to create a Form workflow and task to map Pay Plan, Series and Grade. 


Please see the article “How will I create a sub-process for Process”. To create a Form Workflow sub-process please see Figure-2 below: 

  • Enter a Name for the sub-process 
  • Sub-Process Type: Select Form Workflow 
  • Form: Select SF-1190 (These are 2 system level forms in ADS) 
  • Save the sub-process


Add a data collection task for the Form Workflow sub-process just created. To create a task see the article “How will I create a task in a Sub-Process”. 

From the Type tab, Select Task Type as “Data Collection” and add 3 text fields as in Figure-3 below: 

  • Enter Pay Plan 
  • Enter Series 
  • Enter Grade


Assign the task to employee and Save the task. 

Map the Form fields to Tasks 

After the task is saved, we need to map the task to the form fields. The “Edit Form Mapping” button will open the SF-1190 form. Please see Figure-4 below. 


When the “Edit Form Mapping” is selected, the form will be opened as in Figure-5 below. Select the “Pay Plan” form element from the Form, the “Please select the Field Properties” model Dialog will be displayed as in Figure-5 below. Now the “Pay Plan” can be mapped to the Data Collection Field named “Enter Pay Plan” of the Task. 

Similarly, the form element “Series” needs to be mapped to “Enter Series” of the Data collection field and the form element “Grade” needs to be mapped to “Enter Grade” of the Data collection field 


Now that the mapping is complete, we can save and publish the process. Please see the article “Why should I publish a process and How can I publish a Process” to publish the process.  

Please see the article “How will I create a PCS Request?” to view and complete a Task. 

Complete the Task to Populate the Form Fields

When the employee completes the task from Assignment Details page, he/she should enter the data for each data collection mapped field. Please see Figure-6 below.  


Once the Data is entered and the Task is Saved and Competed, the Assignment Process page will be displayed as in Image-7 below. 


When the “Download” down arrow is selected the form is opened with “Pay Plan, Series and Grade” data elements will be populated. Please see Figure-8 below. 



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