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Topics Covered:
Target Users:
  • Service Providers
  • Organization Administrators
Required Permissions:
  • Manage Process


A Service Provider (SP) or a user with “Manage Process” permissions can create a Process (Pre-Arrival, Check-In, Check-Out) in the ADS Application. A task is created in a sub-process. A sub-process can have multiple tasks. Please see the articles “How can I create a process in a Post?” and “How can I create a sub-process for a Process?” to create a Process and sub-process. 

Create a Task for a Post

To create a task, select Post Management -> Pre-Arrival will display the Managing Process page. This page lists all Pre-Arrival Process created. Select the “Edit” image for a process item to edit the process, add a sub-process or a task. Please see Figure-1 below. 


To create a Task under a sub-process, select the “Add Task” link from the bottom of each sub-process. 

The following are different types of Tasks: 

  • Checkbox 
  • Data Collection 
  • File Upload 
  • Electronic Signature 
  • System Action 

Every Tasks needs to have data values for: 

  • Type 
  • Display 
  • Assignment 
  • Permissions 

Configure Task Type Tab

To create a checkbox task, select Checkbox from Task Type drop down as in Figure-2 below 


Configure Task Display Tab

Enter the name of the Task, select the Section or Department this task could be assigned to and enter a short description for the task. Please Figure-3 below. 


Configure Task Assignment Tab:

A task can be assigned to an employee/user or to a Post Service Provider. To assign the task to a user, select “Assign to User” from drop-down. To assign the task to a “Service Provider”, select “Assigned to Service Provider Group” and then select the appropriate group from “Assigned Service Providers” drop-down. Please see Figure-4 below. Since this is an HR task, it is proper to select “HR-Admins” Group from the drop-down. 


Configure Task Permissions Tab

A task has “View” and “View/Edit” permissions. If the task is assigned to a user, then by default the employee will have View and Edit permissions for the task. Also, the application will allow to set “View” or “View/Edit” permissions for other Service provider groups. Please see Figure-5 below. In this scenario...  

  • Employee has “View/Edit” permissions for the Task 
  • HR-Admins group has “View/Edit” permissions for the Task 
  • New-Delhi Post Administrators and CLO-Admins have “View” permissions for the Task 



Now that all the required data components of the task are set, it is ready to be saved. When I select the “Save” button, the task is saved, and it can be seen under the Process -> Sub-process. 


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