How can I set accompanying Household members for an Assignment using a Process Task? Follow

Pre-requisites: Employee needs to have an active Assignment to post. Household members from an employee's profile can be added as an accompanying household member.
Topics Covered:
Target Users:
  • Employees
  • Service Providers
  • Organization Administrators
Required Permissions:
  • Manage Assignments
  • Employee needs permission to complete the Task
  • SP needs permission to complete the Task.


ADS will allow the authorized users to set accompanying household members to an assignment by using a Pre-Arrival system action task. This is a 2 step process. 

  1. Create a System Action Task named “Accompanying Household” in the Pre-Arrival Process 
  2. When this process is assigned to an assignment, the user will be able to set an assignment to an accompanying household member

Step 1: Create Task named “Accompanying Household” in the Pre-Arrival Process

Under the Pre-arrival Process, a Service Provider user will be able to create and configure a System action task with System action = “Accompanying Household”.

Please see the document named “How will I create a task in a Sub-Process?” to create a task. When the task is created for a Pre-Arrival process, from the “Type” tab, select “Accompanying Household” from the drop-down. Please see Figure-1 below. 


Complete the data requirements for the task, then publish the task. Please see the document named “Why should I publish a process and how can I publish a process” on how to publish a process. 


Step 2: Complete the task to set accompanying Household members to an assignment

Once the task containing the Pre-Arrival process is published via Step 1, a Service Provider user may assign it to an Employee’s Assignment.  

The user may select Pre-Arrival Assignment from the “Pre-Arrivals” left-navigation menu and then by selecting a Pre-Arrival Assignment from the list of assignments. Please see the Figure-2 below. 


From the above Pre-Arrival Assignment details page, the user may select the task and then set the accompanying Household Members to an assignment by updating the checkbox control next to the household members. Please see Figure-3 below. 





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