How forms can be created and managed in the ADS Application Follow

Topics Covered:
Target Users:
  • Service Providers
  • Organization Administrators
Required Permissions:
  • Manage Forms


There are 4 areas from where the Forms can be managed in ADS application. They are 

  • Manage Forms – Post Level 
  • Manage Forms – Mission Level 
  • Manage Forms – Bureau Level 
  • Manage Forms – System Level 

Create a Form in ADS

To create a new form in post, select Post Management menu and then “Manage Forms” as in Figure-1 below. 


The “Manage Post Forms” page will be displayed. The bottom portion of the page displays all the current published System, Bureau and Mission Level forms. The top portion of the page displays all of the published Post Level forms. Please see Figure-2 below. 


To create a new form (all of the forms are in PDF format), select the “New Form” button.  

  • Enter Form Name: 
  • Enter Form Description: 
  • Select “Choose File” to select a PDF file 
  • Select “Add” button (Please see figure-3) 
  • Select “Close” button (Please see figure-4)  



A draft version of the PDF form is then added to the Forms Management page. Please see Figure-5 below for the draft version of the new file named “Employee Data Form – New Delhi 






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