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Pre-requisites: To Import a system process or a mission process to a post, it must be published at the system level or the mission level.
Topics Covered:
Target Users:
  • Service Providers
  • Organization Administrators
Required Permissions:
  • Manage Process


A System Process is any published (Pre-Arrival, Check-In or Check-Out) process that is created at the system level by a system administrator and it can be used in any Missions or any Posts within ADS Application.  

Mission Process is any published (Pre-Arrival, Check-In or Check-Out) process that is created at the Mission level and it can be used by any Posts within the Mission. Processes can also be Exported from Mission to Mission level, or Mission to Post level. 

A Post Service provider can import a published System or Mission process to a Post process.

How to export a System or Mission Process? 

 A System Administrator with Mission level permissions can export a System or Mission level process by selecting the export button below. In the example below, we are exporting a Mission level process. Please see Figure-1 below.



Once you download the PRS file, you can then import the process into either another Mission Organization, or a Post. 

It is important to note that Service Provider Group Permissions will be uploaded with the Process Import, and will be mapped to the imported Process as long as the names match. If you are importing a Process from one Post to another Post, than you can change the names to match after the import. 

How to import a Mission Process to a Post? 

Once you download the PRS file, import the PRS file. Select new process, give the process a name, select import a process, and then upload the PRS file. Please see the Figure-2 below.



Once you select Add, if there are Fillable Forms in the imported process, you will be prompted to Map the current Post's Form to that particular Fillable Form task group. Please see Figure-3 below.



Confirm and adjust your permissions for each task, and publish the process to the new Post. 

How to import a System Process to a Post? 

A Service Provider (SP) or a user with “Manage Process” permissions can import System or a Mission Process (Pre-Arrival, Check-In, Check-Out Processin ADS Application. 

From the Post Management, select the “Pre-Arrival” menu. The Pre-Arrival Manage Process page will be displayed as in the Figure-4 below. 


When I select the “Import Process” button, the “New Pre-Arrival Process Version” form will be displayed. Please see Figure-5 below. 


The “Create Draft From” drop down has following values: 

  • System Process 
  • Mission Process 
  • Post Process 
  • Import Process 

To Import a System Process, select the System Process from the drop down. Similarly, to import a Mission or Post Process, select the proper value from the drop-down. 

The “Copy From Process” drop-down displays all the published and non-published system (or Mission, Post) processes. 

“Version (Published Date)” drop-down contains all the Published as well as draft version of the Process. 

Select the proper values from the above drop-downs and then select the “Add” button. A new Pre-Arrival Process is added. This new Process can be edited, to add more sub-process or tasks. When it is published, it is available for use within the Post.  Please see Figure-6 below.


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