What are System and Mission Processes and how do you import a System or Mission Process? Follow

Pre-requisites: To Import a system process or a mission process to a post, it must be published at the system level or the mission level.
Topics Covered:
Target Users:
  • Service Providers
  • Organization Administrators
Required Permissions:
  • Manage Process


A System Process is any published (Pre-Arrival, Check-In or Check-Out) process that is created at the system level by a system administrator and it can be used in any Missions or any Posts within ADS Application. 

Mission Process is any published (Pre-Arrival, Check-In or Check-Out) process that is created at the Mission level and it can be used by any Posts within the Mission. 

A Post Service provider can import a published System or Mission process to a Post process.


How to import a System or Mission Process? 

A Service Provider (SP) or a user with “Manage Process” permissions can import System or a Mission Process (Pre-Arrival, Check-In, Check-Out Processin ADS Application. 

From the Post Management, select the “Pre-Arrival” menu. The Pre-Arrival Manage Process page will be displayed as in the Figure-1 below. 


When I select the “Import Process” button, the “New Pre-Arrival Process Version” form will be displayed. Please see Figure-2 below. 


The “Create Draft From” drop down has following values: 

  • System Process 
  • Mission Process 
  • Post Process 
  • Import Process 

To Import a System Process, select the System Process from the drop down. Similarly, to import a Mission or Post Process, select the proper value from the drop-down. 

The “Copy From Process” drop-down displays all the published and non-published system (or Mission, Post) processes. 

“Version (Published Date)” drop-down contains all the Published as well as draft version of the Process. 

Select the proper values from the above drop-downs and then select the “Add” button. A new Pre-Arrival Process is added. This new Process can be edited, to add more sub-process or tasks. When it is published, it is available for use within the Post.  

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