What are System Actions tasks in Pre-Arrival Process and How can it be used Follow

Topics Covered:

Target Users:
  • Service Providers
  • Organization Administrators
Required Permissions:
  • Manage Process


In ADS, a post Service Provider can configure system action tasks in Pre-Arrival Process and then assign this process to a post assignment so  a service provider or a assigned user can complete this task. 

The following are the different type of System Actions in ADS application for a Pre-Arrival Process. 

  • Accompanying Household 
  • Assignment Residence 
  • Select Arrival Sponsors 
  • Update Profile 
  • Set Arrival Date 
  • Household Pets 
  • Household Vehicles 
  • Assignment DPO Address
  • Assignment Unclassified Pouch Address - Official mail only
  • Assignment Unclassified Pouch Address - Personal mail only

Login to ADS with Post Management permission and go to the Organization Management Dashboard.

Create a System Action Task in the Pre-Arrival Process

Please see the article “How will I create a task in a Sub-Process?” on how to create a task. 

When creating a task, Select “System Action” from the Task Type drop-down.

From the “System Action” drop-down, select “Select Arrival Sponsors” (or any other value). Please Figure-1 below.


Every Tasks needs to have data values set for: 

  • Type 
  • Display 
  • Assignment 
  • Permissions 

In the Assignment Tab, Assign the Task to Service Providers for Post. 

In the Permissions Tab, set the permission so that Service Provider can “View/Edit” the task. 

Once all of the required fields for the task are entered, Save the Task and Publish the Pre-Arrival Process. 

Please the article “Why should I publish a process and How can I publish a Process?” on how to publish a process. 

Now this Process is available on the Assignment details page. 

Use the system action task to update the assignment detail data?

From Service Provider Dashboard, select an assignment that has this Pre-Arrival Process. Please see Figure-2 and Figure-3 below. Figure-2 displays the Pre-Arrival process. When the “View Image Arrow” is selected, Figure-3 will be displayed with the task configured for this process. 



From Figure-3, the task is assigned to a service provider. So, any member of the Service Provider group can process this task. Select the “System Action Pre-Arrival Task” to process. The “Task Details” page will be displayed as shown in Figure-4 below. 

The “Task Completion” section, will show all the available sponsors for this post. The SP or assigned user can select Social Sponsor and an Office Sponsor. When they “Save and Complete” the Process, the selected sponsors are assigned for this Post assignment. Similarly, the SP can set other System Action tasks by following this same steps. 





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