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Topics Covered:
Target Users:
  • Employees
Required Permissions:
  • None


All employees who need access to ADS, first need to have login credential and then need to register in ADS.  

Please see the article “How will I Register myself in ADS application?” for more information about ADS registration. 

Data needed for ADS Registration

A user can register as one of the following type:

  • Arrivals & New Hires 
  • Incumbents & Departures 
  • Service Providers 

If the user chooses to register as “Arrivals & New Hires” or “Incumbents & Departures” the ADS will display the registration page as in Figure-1 below. 


In the Registration page, data needs to be entered for the following tabs: 

  • Employee 
  • Contact  
  • Residence 
  • Passport 
  • Assignment 

Data for the Household members is optional and can be entered later. 

In the Employee Tab, Employment details along with Employee Name and Employee Identification details are needed to complete the registration. All of the fields with yellow background color are required. 

In the Contact Tab, a primary email and a personal email are required. Both a primary and an emergency phone number are required to complete the registration. 

In the Residence Tab, a legal address is required to complete the registration. 

In the Passport Information tab, at least one primary Passport is required to complete the registration. 

In the Household Information tab, you may see a message that says “Adding Household Members is optional, but it's helpful to add spouses and any children that would be coming to the Post. Emergency Contacts to be used by HR are optional on registration too. This information can be added to my profile, once the registration is completed and approved. 

In the “Assignment Information” tab, Bureau, Post, Start Month, End Month are required fields while Position Incumbent and Position Number are not required fields. 

Once all the required fields are completed, ADS will display the Registration Review page. Please see Figure-2 below.  In this page, the user can either “Edit” my registration or “Complete Registration”. By selecting "Complete Registration", you will send the registration request to a Service Provider of the Post to complete the approval process. 


Please see the article “How will I Register myself in ADS application?” for the streamlined Service Provider registration. Here all the fields with yellow background color are required for the completion of Service Provider registration. 



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