How Can I Print Invitations or Other Special Items? Follow

eContact does not directly support the creation of print invitations. We advise the use of email to release invitations where possible.


When not, you have three potential options:

1: Create your invitations as eContact campaigns and simply print each one manually without or in addition to sending them as emails. This can work well with small groups.

2: Doing a large enough event that those manual touches in eContact Campaigns doesn't make sense? Download an Excel report about your event and use Microsoft Office's "mail merge" features to crank out and print specialized invitations. 

3: Want to print to small specialized invitation cards, name tents, or barcode-encoded sticker labels? Use with caution, but vendor tools like cloud software for Avery labels and name tents make it easy to create perfect printed products from an Excel input. Limit the data that you need to the bare minimum: Personally, I would feel comfortable deleting all content other than the eContact "barcode number" fields and generating a printable sheet of Avery labels with just a barcode and the printed barcode number, to be added to a name badge or some other artifact.



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