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Version 1.1

May 24, 2018

Any previous versions are obsolete 

Please remove all older offline check-in versions (eg. those labeled "Server" and "Client") before using version 1.1.

  • Tool now supports both Windows and Mac OS
    • Please ensure you download the correct version for you operating system
  • Unified the server and client into a single tool so no more multiple installs.
  • Simplified installation
    • Launch the server app.... and you're done! 
  • Server Web address is available from the server interface to help with client access. The web address uses a unique port (:8080) to ensure max compatibility on local networks

  • Simplified client access
    • Client tool is now accessible over a web address so all device types can access it (iPad, iPhone, Android Phones, Laptops, Tablets and more)
    • Unified the server and client into a single tool
    • Support for mobile browsers as client device

  • Added “search as you type” feature so you get your results even faster
  • Update search to include Unicode characters (e.g. typing “a” will find “ä”, etc.)
  • Updated the search’s max result limit to a max of 25 participants. This helps ensure that the application does not stop working when loading large data sets (example, only searching for the letter “a”)
  • Add new or unexpected guests at the check-in point (new feature!)

  • Add additional fields to the interface
    • VIP Marker
    • Participant & Individual Remarks
    • Add participant images
    • Blacklisted (unwantedflag)

  • User Interface updates
    • Maximized screen space for checking in guests
  • Data export is now done at the server



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