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Server Guide


Server Settings

The main interface is where you can:

  • Upload Event Data and Export Check-In Data
  • Set Barcode Type
    The server centrally manages what barcodes the clients can scan.  The reasoning for this is because barcode scanning can be a slower task for mobile devices and to help speed this up we have split the QR scanning from 1D barcode scanning to speed up this process

  • View IP of Server for Client Connection

    This is where you find what web address is used to access the the client application from other devices on the network.



The server logs contain all the check-ins and check-outs that happen at an event. For VIPs and Blacklisted, a special alert will be displayed to inform you of these check-ins

The logs are:

• Searchable
• Exportable (in same format as on the server and also searchable)



The statistics interface can be used to get a better idea of peak times of check-in and when to expect high catering/drink demands and much more.   It also provides a in-depth check-in information

Check-In Times

Participant Information

Tip: Clicking on the legend items will hide/display them from the graph


About and Updates

Application Version number, links to our help center, release notes and updates for the application can be found on the About page



A complete guide on the updating process can be found here:






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