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Important: Only available from version 2.0 and greater.

Topics Covered
  • Update notification
  • Installing updates
  • Manual update checks
  • Update Log
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  • End Users
  • System Administrators
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How to Update the Offline Check-in Application

The application automatically checks for updates on startup, and every 10 minutes afterwards, if there is an active internet connection.




Update Notifications

If an update is available, you will be alerted on both the main server interface and the about interface.  You will have to click the "Download and Install Update" button to start the update process.

Notice on main Server Interface

Notice on About Interface


Download and Install Update

Clicking the button will start the download and install process.  The application will automatically restart after the update is complete and will keep any data you had on the server before the update.

Once the update has started, you will be informed that it is in progress.

Main Server Interface

About Interface

Important: Do not close the application during an update, it will automatically restart once it has completed.


Manual Update Checks

You can also manually check for an Update by clicking the "Check for Updates" button


Update Log

All checks, are logged in the updater log, including any found updates and the current update process if started.






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