v2.0 - Release Notes Follow

Version 2.0

May 02, 2019

With this release, we are bringing you a full fledged installable application with over-the-air update features.

Important: Please remove all older offline Server and Client versions before using version 2.0.


  • Converted application to be fully installable with over-the-air update feature that installs with both a desktop and windows start menu shortcuts.


  • Added QR and 1D barcode scanning with mobile device cameras


    See our client guide on how to use the Camera Barcode functionality
  • Added search function to use `,` to search for comma separated `lastname , firstname` combinations ( like in eContact search)

  • Updated interface and logic for when server goes offline and displays more prominently on the main page.

  • Added new notification if on the Server a new event file is uploaded; the client will then ask if you want to sync with the new server data

  • Moved Server logs to own tab
    • Updated server logs to be: Searchable, better organized, contain more info
    • Added option to export Server logs as stand-alone HTML file with same options/look/searching capabilities of in-app server logs

  • Added a statistical interface that can be used to get a better idea of peak times of check-in and when to expect high catering/drink demands and much more. It also provides a in-depth check-in information 

  • Added an About interface that contains application Version number, links to our help center, release notes and updates for the application

  • Added more Options to set auto-focus on/off and location and display of camera button in-app.

  • Added Telephone number to contact data

  • Refactored the core logic behind the parsing of the event data and check-in process to reduce bottle necks that can happen with lots of devices connected at the same time which could cause the app to freeze and records not to update.
    • Separating image management
    • Separating participant data into unique records in-app to improve "update" times
    • Updated our caching mechanisms to be more robust
    • and much more



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