QR Barcodes with Mail Merge Follow

Not everyone is using Campaigns to send their event invitations out, and until now that means that these users were unable to make use of QR Barcodes in their invitations.

Luckily a tech-savvy user (Editor's note: Thanks Amgad!) has found a way to include QR Barcodes in a Microsoft Word generated Mail Merge document.  This can be used for printing invitations or sending them out like in CMD using the Adobe Pro and Microsoft Word.

The below guide covers how to use eContact to export your data to Excel for use in Mail Merge with QR Barcodes.


  • Export Event Data to Excel
  • Microsoft Word Invitation Template
  • Adobe Professional for use in Mail Merge as PDF


Works for CMD Exports too!

The following guide can also be used for CMD exports using the "Individual Inquiry" and the "BarcodeIdentifier"



1. In your eContact Custom Export, make sure to include the "Participant Barcode Identifier" field in addition to your standard fields like Salutation, First Name, Last Name...etc

2. Export to Excel.  

3. On your Word Template,  and after you connect your Excel Data Source for the Mail Merge, include the "Participant Barcode Identifier" field on the Word Template.

Note: It is better to have it placed and displayed under where you want the QR Barcode, but if you want it hidden, you can change the color of it to match the background color to hide it.

4. Place the cursor where you want to place the QR Barcode, and press Ctrl+F9  
5. This will create { }  

6. In between the 2 brackets, place the following code: 


MERGEBARCODE Participant_Barcode_Identifier QR \s 70 h\ 100 \f 0xC7751B


where "Participant_Barcode_Identifier" is the Merge Field Column Name from Excel containing the Barcode numbers.


 { MERGEBARCODE Participant_Barcode_Identifier QR \s 70 h\ 100 \f 0xC7751B }




CMD Tip!

You can do the same in CMD, but you would use the "BarcodeIdentifier" field from your "Indivdivual Inquiry" in your Word Template

7. It should look like the following:



8. Right Click on the field mceclip3.png
9. The following menu will appear



10.  Select Update Field  
11. It will look like the following after: mceclip0.png
12. This is how the QR Barcode will look like if you don't do any changes.



13. If you want to change the color and/or the size, you can right click on the merge field mceclip0.png
14. Select "Edit Barcode"



15. Click on Advanced



16. The following screen will appear



17. You can change the Scale and the Foreground Color



18. This is how the QR Barcode wiil appear after. mceclip6.png
19. From this point, you can use your regular process to send invitations with Barcodes (using Adobe Mail Merge)  




















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