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In the Organization Management Dashboard, Service Providers with the "Manage Permissions" permission have the ability to set individual permissions, Service Provider Group membership, and Service Provider Group permissions. The available permissions give Service Providers the ability to access different functions in ADS.  Every Service Provider can be given different individual permissions or they can be grouped together in a Service Provider Group for group permissions.  For example, one Service Provider may need access to manage address information. If more than one Service Provider needs this access you could create a Service Provider Group for managing address information.  However, if this is the only Service Provider that will be managing address information, individual permissions may be most appropriate.

User Permissions Page

To get to the User Permissions Page, you must be a Service Provider with the "Manage Permissions" permission for the selected organization. Once in the Organization Management Dashboard, select the Manage Permissions tab under Post Configuration. Here you will have the option to either select a Current User with Permissions, or Find a User without Permissions. Please see Figure-1 below. 



Once you either select a a Current User with Permissions, or Find a User without Permissions, you will be brought to the User Permissions Page. At the Top of the User Permissions Page, the Post the Employee is stationed at, or the Organization Heading, will be shown in bold letters. Below that, basic information to include the employee's Name, Employee Number, Email Address, and Assigned Groups within the Post. 

Under "Actions" the Edit Permissions button will allow the user to update all of the Permissions in each Permission Field. You can also individually change the permission of each field. Please see Figure-2 below. 



Within the User Permissions Page, there are Five categories of Permissions you can work with, each with their own permission fields. For all permission fields, the user can see the Individual Permission, the Inherited SP Group Permission, and the Permission Description.

Once the User Permissions are set, select the Save button. Depending on the Permissions granted to an individual, they will now have access to new dashboards, buttons, and drop-down menus throughout ADS. 



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