How to Export Positions from Overseas Personnel System (OPS) Follow

In this article, we will demonstrate the steps on how to export positions from OPS. Please follow the steps along with the accompanying screenshots in order to perform this export.


1. Login to OPS and go to "Staffing Pattern Report".



2. At the Staffing Pattern Report window choose the Employee type.


3. To create the report set he Employee Type and the Country. Also, make sure to mark the Staffing Pattern Grid as Output Type and click on "Run"


4. As an output, you will receive a list and you will have to export  it to excel by clicking this button.


5. From the Excel file we need two columns: the “Working Title”, which is the position name, and the “Position Number”.  Copy the 'Working Title', 'Position Number', and any of the optional fields you selected into a new Excel file and send it to us. 




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