What actions can I perform when I have the System Administrator role in Book It? Follow

System Administrator: as a System Administrator you are able to manage the posts and the users who are using the book it application. Listed below you will find more information about the type of actions you can perform for managing posts and users.


Posts: as a System Administrator you are able to manage the posts for which bookings can be made. A System Administrator will typically add or remove posts and assign or remove post administrators from a post. The moment a new post has been added to Book It you can assign a post administrator or several post administrators to the newly created post.

Users: as a System Administrator you can also manage the users who have signed into the Book it application. From within Users you can assign the post or posts from which users can perform Bookings, in addition, and you can assign a User the System Administrator's role or you can  remove a User System Administrator's role or remove the user altogether from Book It.


How to add a new Post:

You must have the System Administrator role to add a new post to Book It. From the role selector select System Administrator.



 From the left navigation pane select Posts, this will open a list of Posts that have been created and click on the + New button to add a post.


 Enter the Name and Country of the new post and click on the Create button to add the post.






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