What is Book It Follow

Book It is an easy-to-use online booking system that offers employees (Department of State & Non Department of State employees) to book a space (i.e. conference room, cafeteria, fitness room and other) at multiple posts.

Book-it key features

 Booking of Spaces at multiple posts

Once you are registered into book-it you can make reservations at multiple posts if you have been approved by the space administrator at the post(s) for which you want to make reservations and previously bookings can be cancelled.

Role-based access

The roles in book-it refer to the levels of access that users have. The following roles have been defined:

System Administrator: The System Administrator has overall control of the application and it is up to the System administrator to either approve or reject new registrations.

Post Adminstartor: as a Post Administrator you can manage the different spaces that are available at your post. You have also the optin to define different space categories which can then be associated to a space that you create.

Space Administrator: as a Space Administrator you will have the option to either approve or reject a user who wants to reserve a space at your location when a space requires approval. As a post administrator you will also be able to manage the different spaces at your location.

User Role: Once registered as a user you can add the posts at which you want to reserve a space, from the User Dashboard a user can see past bookings, upcoming bookings and cancelled bookings.




























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