How can I see a list of assigned tasks for me as a Service Provider or a Sponsor? Follow

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To see a list of the tasks currently assigned to you as a Service Provider, both individually and as a member of a group, or as a Sponsor that are ready for completion, in progress, or pending dependency on another task. The same tasks can be shown as a list ungrouped or grouped by an individual's assignment or like tasks across assignments.

We've created this new feature in ADS to make it much easier to get a status at one view now, instead of clicking at each Assignment. 

Where can this new feature be found? 

 At the Service Provider view is a new item named "Assigned Tasks" 


Clicking on "Assigned Tasks" opens up this view for tasks


Clicking on the entry opens directly the task and you can work from there


Filtering for Assignments it looks like this


Same here, clicking on the entry brings you directly to the task and you can work form there.



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