v1.23.1 - Release Notes Follow

Release Summary

Improvements to System Process Import/Export

Release v1.23.1 improves import and export of System Processes.

  1. Fillable Form Process Fields will be copied over during Import / Export
  2. Post Service Provider Group Permissions and Assignment will be copied. This functionality does not currently work in Mission Assigned Processes and will be updated in a future release.

New Export Required - For the improved functionality to work, the System Process must be exported again on version 1.23.1. Older saved exports will not have the improvements. New Form exports are not required.


Fillable Form Process Fields - System Process Import and Export will now copy over FieldSet Fields for Fillable Form Tasks.


Post Process Service Provider Group Assignment and Permissions - System Process Import and Export will now copy over the Service Provider Group Assignments and Permissions. This feature currently only works with Post System Processes and will be updated to work with Mission Assigned Processes in a future release.

Note: For this functionality to work, the Service Provider Group Name must match exactly between the Export and the Import environment.

assignmentitem.PNG assignment2.PNG

If you get this error, please verify the Service Provider Group Names are identical and try to import in again.


Pet Weight Available

Pet weight is available for pets and for Fillable Forms.

Further Bug Fixes for Process Dependencies

Release v1.23.1 includes additional bug fixes for process dependencies found since the last major release v1.23.0.



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