v1.25.1 Release Notes Follow

Released: January 14th, 2020

Release Summary

Display Issues with Skipped Tasks

This release made changes to how skipped tasks are viewed.  Employees will no longer be shown skipped tasks or even the count of skipped tasks.  Any Task Group with all skipped tasks will be hidden.  Service Providers will continue to see that a Task Group has skipped tasks and can change the filter to see the skipped tasks, however they will not show up in the task totals.  Tasks become skipped typically when the Task Criteria is not met.

Permissions Issue with Selecting Sponsors

Fixes an issue with managing Sponsors only when "All Entities Assigned to Me" is selected in the organization dropdown.

Allowing for Viewing Passport Attachments

Passport attachments were previously only viewable if you had Edit permissions.  They are now available to those with View permissions as well.

Fixed the Search Functionality in Manage Service Providers

The Manage Service Providers page has a search text box in the top right that was not functioning correctly.  The functionality has been restored.

Bug fixes

Release v1.25.1 includes additional bug fixes found since the last major release v1.25.0.



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