How to Acknowledge an Annual Work Plan Follow

When the rating cycle begins, your Rating Supervisor creates an Annual Work Plan (AWP) in GoMBC to set out the plan for the year ahead.

When completed, they endorse the document. You will then receive an email notifying you to acknowledge the AWP. Follow the instructions below or view this video.  

To find the AWP, go to My Current Documents, then View AWP. 



The first section of the AWP contains employee data. Here you will find the document Status, your Supervisors for the MBC process, and your Performance Pool. The Review Period (either annual or interim) depends on how long your Rating Supervisor will support you, and includes the start and end date of the performance period in the current rating cycle. 


  • At any time, you can see the AWP as an official JF-50D form, ready for printing. Just select View JF-50D form to switch your view. 

Probationary Period 

This section appears if you’re in a probationary period. It contains the probationary period date range and whether the Rating Supervisor has certified the completion of the probationary period. 

Annual Work Plan Section 

In this section, you will find the Performance Criteria that you and your rating supervisor have discussed and agreed on. These are the critical areas of performance you will be measured on during the rating cycle.  

The AWP defines performance criteria as: 

  • Continuing Responsibilities (mandatory) 
  • Specific Objectives (optional) 
  • Competencies (optional) 
  • Universal Job Elements (mandatory) 

Your Rating Supervisor will create 6—20 performance criteria and decide the importance of each by weighting them.  

  • The AWP must have 6—20 performance criteria including Continuing Responsibilities and Universal Job Elements. 

Development Plan 

Your Rating Supervisor will list at least one development activity in the Development Plan to help you grow in a specific professional area.  

  • At least one development activity such as coursework, skills training, work shadowing or self-guided reading, must be scheduled. 


Now that you've reviewed your Annual Work Plan, it's time to make it official. 

Select Acknowledge and the rating cycle is officially underway. 


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