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JCAC Voting 

Nominations that reach the JCAC are approved by the USDH supervisor and reviewed by HR. Each JCAC Member has one vote, and the JCAC Chair only votes in case of a tie. To vote on a nomination, follow the instructions below or view the instructional video

As a JCAC member, you have access to the Voting menu item where you will vote on each award nomination in an annual awards cycle. 

Here, you will see all the awards in the voting process organized by award cycles. If you are a part of multiple cycles, simply change the cycle by selecting the drop down.

You can filter the nominations by your vote and award type. If you have not yet voted on an award, you will not see the vote summary.

To view the nomination, select anywhere on the nomination line to expand. You can also select More Details to view additional details, including History and Comments

You have four possible actions: approve, disapprove, on hold, and recuse.

Approve will mark your vote as approving the nomination

Disapprove will mark your vote as disapproving the nomination

On Hold allows you to indicate to the other voting members that this is an award you would like to discuss

Recuse should be used if you have a reason not to vote on the nomination (for example, it is for you, a family member, or one of your employees)

Vote by selecting the appropriate option. All options other than Approve will require a comment. Your vote will be recorded in the vote summary icons.

After each JCAC member has submitted their vote, the nomination is ready for JCAC Chair sign off.


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