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JCAC Sign Off On Voted Nominations

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JCAC Chair Sign Off

As a JCAC Chair, you will need to sign off on all annual awards during the award cycle.  To sign off, follow the instructions below or view the instructional video.

Select the Sign Off menu item from the JCAC Area.

Here, you will see all the awards in the voting process organized by award cycles. If you are a part of multiple cycles, simply change the Cycle by selecting the drop down. You can filter the nominations using Filter by Vote Result and Filter by Award Type dropdown menus. If you have not yet voted on an award, you will not see the vote summary.

You can expand the nomination to view more details by clicking anywhere on the nomination line. Also available is the More Details link to view even more information about the nomination, including History and Comments.

The actions you have for each nomination depend on the voting results.

Change is available on all JCAC voted nominations. This option allows the chair to change the type of award, form of recognition (as permitted by the award typesetting rules), and award amount. Once the nomination is changed, a Send Back to JCAC button will appear. This must be selected and returned to JCAC for voting for the changes to take effect.

Endorse & Sign Off is available when the JCAC vote results in approval or disapproval. This will endorse the JCAC vote (either approval or disapproval). Approvals are sent to Finance and Exec simultaneously, while disapprovals are only sent to Exec for review.

Return to HR is available when the JCAC vote results in a tie or disapproval. This would be selected if the JCAC would like a nomination modified, for example if a rewrite is required.

Approve & Sign Off is available when the JCAC vote results in a tie. Approving the nomination sends it to Finance and Exec simultaneously for further sign off.

Disapprove & Sign Off is available when the JCAC vote results in a tie. Disapproving the nomination sends it to Exec for review.

After expanding the nomination, you will see your possible actions.

You also have the option to sign off on multiple awards at a time by checking all of the desired nominations and selecting the Sign Off Selected button. If the JCAC vote has not been completed, you will not be able to sign off on the nomination. If the vote resulted in a tie, you will also be unable to use the Sign Off Selected button.


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