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Exec Sign Off

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Executive Sign Off

Once annual nominations are approved or disapproved by the JCAC, it will be routed to the Chief of Mission or Charge' d'Affaires for Exec Sign Off.  To view the nominations in your queue, first select Exec Sign Off from the Exec & MGT Area.

All nominations requiring EXEC Sign Off will display. You can expand the nomination to view more details by clicking anywhere on the nomination line. Click the More Details link to view even more information about the nomination.

The actions you have for each nomination depend on the voting results.

Change is available on all nominations. This option allows you to change the type of award, form of recognition (as permitted by the award type rules), and award amount. Once the nomination is changed, an Apply Changes button will appear. This must be selected for the changes to take effect. If the FMO had already approved the nomination it will be returned for further approval.

Endorse Disapproval is available when the JCAC disapproved the nomination. Selecting this button will finalize the disapproval of the nomination.

Endorse Approval is available when the JCAC approved the nomination. Once both EXEC and FMO signs off on the nomination, it will be sent to HR for finalization.

Reject is available when the JCAC approved the nomination. Selecting this option will change the status of the nomination to disapproved and finalize the nomination.

Return to HR is available on all nominations and should be selected if changes to the nomination are required, such as changes to the justification or citation.

To take action on a single nomination, select the appropriate button for the desired nomination.

To take action on multiple nominations, check the boxes of all desired awards (or select All), then Sign Off Selected.


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