OAS July 26 Release Notes Follow

Category Description
Email Notifications HR Not receiving email when nomination arrives in HR/Pending Review
JF-66 form Add Fiscal Strip to the print to .pdf JF-66 form
Nomination Ability to add Nominee Previous Job Title in Nomination
Supervisor Tools Supervisor area to view status of their employees' nominations
Nomination  Validation for form of recognition at 4 stages (nomination, HR review, JCAC, and EXEC)
Reports Modify the Finance and Certificate reports to show statuses JCAC approved, until completed
Ceremony  Sort nominations in the Ceremony Script .doc file by group/individual
Nomination  Separate values for Proposed Amount (always nominator entry), Recommended Amount (HR entry) and Approved Amount (after JCAC approval)
Finance Area Modify UI to show Send to FMO button after Assign Fiscal strip to multiple nominations is assigned
Reports Certificate Report Export - Citation and USDH supervisor no longer appear


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