Inter-Agency Housing Board Follow


 Pre-requisites:  n/a


    Topics Covered
  • IAHB
  • Housing Assignments 
    Target Users
  • Housing Administrators
    Required Permissions
  • Residence Manager (min)
  • Local Admin 


Inter-Agency Housing Board 

Here you will be able to give recommendations as a Housing Team member. Drag the considered housing options to the Recommendations field on the right. When ready submit these recommendations to the Inter-Agency Housing Board (IAHB).  


The Housing Board members will be able to approve your recommendations. 

As a Housing Board member go to Board Review click on Auto Select then click on Approve Selected


Remember, Housing Board members can be added to the system through 'Access Control' and you can limit the access that they will have to the system. They will be able to see information depending on the on the roles that you assign each member. 


In order to verify the assignment was completed go to Incoming Occupants select the incoming occupant in which the Housing Board just assigned to a property and click on Assign a Residence.


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