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Employee Electronic Personnel Records

LE Records now grants access to LE Staff working at embassies and consulates around the world to access your own personnel records. You can now access your Personnel Actions, Performance Reports, Personal Information Documents, Training Records and Awards. These are the same records which have been maintained in your Post Human Resources from the day you were hired. There are limited actions you can take, View Documents and Download Documents. Any changes or updates to your Electronic Personnel Record will need to be processed by your Human Resources before it will be reflected in LE Records.


View Options

There are two views the user can choose from, either List or Tiles. You can click on either option to change the view.

List View will order the folders and documents by name only, when the folder is opened, the documents will also appear in a list format.

Tile View will display an icon or thumbnail of the folder, once the folder is opened, the files will appear in the same format.


Preview Documents

Users can Preview documents by either clicking on the document name or clicking on the document icon in List View or Clicking on the three dots in Tile View.

Download Documents

Users can always download their documents from My Records.

To download documents from List View, either click on the Download icon or click on the document title.

From Tile View, click on the three dots on the document you want to download, then click on Download.


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