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Global administrators can assign users to posts and grant permissions. Permissions are granted at the Post section level by assigning roles. For example, a user could be granted an administrator role for the IRM post section in Buenos Aires and a user role for the GSO section in Frankfurt.

Add User Roles

To add a role, you first have to access the user information. To access the list of users, select 'Users' from the left-hand side Main Menu.


Locate the user and select the edit icon on the right side of the screen, then select 'Manage Roles'.


The user and post roles for the selected user will display. To add roles, select the 'Add Role' button.


In the 'Add new role to <user>' page, select the post and section for which the user should have access. If the user should be an administrator for the specified post and section, select the 'Is Admin' check box. Administrative access at the Post section level allows the user to create sections, subsections, tasks, and actions within their Post section. For example, if the user is granted admin access to post Madrid, section IRM, they will only be able to create items within the Madrid IRM post section. They will not be able to create items within any other Post section, such as the Madrid GSO post section.  Once the fields have been input, select the 'Create' button to add the role. 



The added role will now be listed in the Post Roles for the user.



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