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Customizing User Preferences

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Customizing User Preferences

ATLAS Directory users can customize the application according to their preferences.  To do this, click the image next to your user name and the select My Preferences.


Dashboard Settings

Default Dashboard View controls the default appearance of dashboard:

Sort Dashboard by controls the default order of the contacts:


Dashboard Search Settings

This section controls how text entered in the search box is used to filter results:

Dashboard Search Behavior controls whether the text being searched contains the word or must match the beginning of the word.


Dashboard Search Fields controls which fields are actually searched for the text.


Default Directory lets you specify your default directory when entering ATLAS Directory (amongst those you have access to).


Filter by Default Post controls whether the dashboard should filter by default contacts from your Post.

Note:  The default Post is only available after you select the Default Directory.


Table Preferences

Table State Behavior controls whether the tables should remember your last search when the page is reloaded.


Once you have set your User Preferences, remember to click SAVE CHANGES!


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