Initiate the Make-Ready Process Follow

    Topics Covered
  • How to start a 'Make-Ready' Process, delete and edit tasks. 
    Target Users
  • Housing Administrators
    Required Permissions
  • Residence Manager (min)
  • Local Admin


Start a Make Ready Process.  

To begin the Make Ready Process select the 'Housing Pool' icon on the left side of the screen. Click the residences' corresponding arrow in which you want to start the process.



Click 'Initiate Make-Ready' to begin. Here, you will be able to select on a calendar format the move in date, start date, departure date or key date. After your selection, click 'Start' to begin the make ready task timeline.




The tasks in the Make Ready timeline are pre-set during the ‘Process Configure’ stage for that ownership (government vs. leased residence) Click 'View' to see the details of the tasks and to edit tasks. To edit tasks, double click on the task timeline block then the 'Edit Task' box will appear on the right hand side. 

*NOTE: To create a new task or a new event re-visit the ‘Process Configure’ Tab > 'Make Ready' > 'New' 







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