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Residences Menu Navigation 

In the Residence Menu, you can view and explore the below Post Housing Pool properties:

  • Residences In Commissioning Process
  • Residences in Make Ready Process
  • Residences in Decommissioning Process

Housing Pool 

To access Post's Housing Pool, select Housing Pool under Residences on the left panel of the screen. 


Here, you will be able to see, add, and customize information about each residence in Post's Housing Pool.  To view the Overview of a Residence Click the arrow icon at the end of the Residence's information row.






Adding Attachments and Photos to a Residence 

Attachments: In the Residence Overview, you may add Word or PDF documents related to the residence, such as: Housing Handbook, signed lease, etc.  Additionally, you have the option to hide or make visible any attachment.


Photos: To add photos of a residence, select View Photos in the images section of the Residence Overview.  Then click Add. 





Housing Pool Menu Options

You have the ability to make specific information about Post's residences visible by customizing the options in Columns


Under Residences, select Housing Pool, and then Columns.



Select the features you'd like to appear by checking the box next to the item.  Click the X icon once finished.

Users will also be able to customize the information they would like to see about each Residence.  Any adjustments to Columns will stick until new changes are made by users.

Advanced Search

To quickly find a residence, you may customize the search by entering in Owner Type, Residence Type, Status, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, and other information


Vacancy Search  

The Vacancy Search is dependent upon Start Date and/or End Date.



For additional help, please contact ISC at Post or ADG Support by selecting the ‘Submit a request’ button at the top of the page or by emailing adg-support@state.gov.
Visit the Global Application Portal (GAP) for the latest news and information on all the ADG's applications.


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