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Invalid Status Report Page

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Invalid Status Report Page

The Invalid Status Report Page is accessible via the Reporting link on the left side menu.  This page will show Occupants whose statuses and dates are mismatched.  The two invalid statues with be one of the following:

          Incoming with an Arrival Date in the past.

          Outgoing with a Departure Date in the past.

          The page also includes an ability to correct these dates/statuses.


Example 1:

All the incorrect data will be in red.  In the first example, the occupant is under the Outgoing status but the departure date was in the past (April 26, 2023 and we are currently on April 28, 2023).  This occupant's status should be set to Departed

  • In order to change this, click the Plus (+) icon next to the date.
  • A new window will pop-up.  Click on Update Status.
  • You may now change the status from Outgoing to Departed
  • His/her information will now be on the Departed Occupants List.

See image below.


Example 2

In order to change Laura's status from Incoming to At Post you must:

  • Click on the plus (+) icon next to the date.
  • Add the correct date, ensuring both dates have the same format, and click Update Information.
  • Her status will change to At Post and her name will show up in the All Occupants list.

See Image below.



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