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The ADG recognized the need for a tool to help Posts account for all employees. This application is quick and easy to use and works best in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.



The Who’s Where tool can be found under the following locations:


When you click on the URL you may need to login to the State department system with your PIV or MFA and authenticate.



Every Check-In is a unique entry, please ensure you select the correct start and end dates for your entry


The first time you use the application you will need to complete your details; choose your Employee type, Post and Section from the drop downs. 

The next time you open the application the information will be saved and pre-populated for you.


You can submit a status for someone else by using the “Submit for another” feature. If you are reporting for an OpenNet user you can find them in the validated list.


If you want to report status for a non OpeNet user you select "Not and OpenNet User" and then just type in the name of the person.



The Who’s Where tool also offers a dashboard for Management that provides summary reports at the Post, Mission and Bureau levels. 


The Management Dashboard is accessible to everyone but is restricted by default to only show each user’s own submissions.  Built-in permissions will allow for Regional, Mission and Post level access to submissions.  


Once permissions are granted, choose your Bureau, Mission and Post from the drop downs to see the status of all employees.


On the Statistics tab, you can see how many of your staff are in which status.


Check-In Report

To assist with managing the status of your employees, you can see who has and hasn't checked if for the day on the Check-In Report tab.  You can also send reminder emails to the employees not checked in directly in the application.



To gain access to the Management Dashboard and to be able to see the status of all relevant personnel, please email the names of the management representatives who should have access to


If you have any issues or questions about the tool, email

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