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JCAC Chair Change in a Nomination

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Changing a Nomination

As the JCAC Chair, you have the ability to make changes to a nomination only after all of the JCAC members have recorded their votes. If the nomination is in the Pending status with a clock next to the Nomination ID, you will not be able to make any changes. If the nomination is in this status, either one or more of the JCAC members have placed the nomination 'On Hold' or the nomination is missing votes. Nominations in Tie status require you to enter your vote before you can include these nominations in a batch change with other nominations. 


Changing Individual Nominations

Nominations which are in the Approved, Disapproved, or Tie status can be changed individually or by batches by award category.

Open the nomination then, selecting the Change button.

Approved Nomination

Disapproved Nomination

Tie Nomination

Once the Change button is selected, a box will appear with three options to change.

Award Type allows the JCAC Chair to upgrade or downgrade the award by changing the type of award.

Form of Recognition can change between cash and time off, once the form of recognition is selected you will need to update the Amount field.

Amount this field will display the current amount allocated to this award, if the amount is being changed for the first time by the JCAC Chair then the current amount was assigned by HR.

Click Update to save the changes you made. You can view the changes reflected in the JCAC Sign off list.

Click "Ok" to confirm you have a consensus from the JCAC Members to make the change. Next you will notice the options have changed for your action.

Change and Apply Changes will appear for Approved and Tie nominations. If you click Apply Changes, this will Sign Off on the nomination and move it forward in the approval process.

Change and Approve & Sign Off will appear for Disapproved nomination. If you click Approve & Sign off, then the nomination will move forward to the EXEC for review.

Change Multiple Nominations at Once

It is possible to make the changes as shown above to multiple nominations at once. 

Filter the JCAC  Sign off list by using the Filter by Award Type dropdown menu, then choose the award type you would like to change. 

You will then need to select the nominations you would like to change, remember only nominations in the Approved or Disapproved status are available to change. Check the All button under Select Nominations. 

Next you will click on the Change Selected button at the top of the list.

This will bring up a pop-up box with the option to change the Award Type, Form of Recognition and the Amount. Once you have made your changes, click Update.

The updates you selected are now reflected in the selected nominations. The Apply Changes is now activated, click this button to move these nominations to the next step of the approval process.

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