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ATLAS Directory and SAFE

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  1. Is a SAFE account automatically created when an employee is added to Directory?  No
  2. When a Directory record is deleted, is the record in SAFE also deleted?  No
  3. When a SAFE account is deleted, is the record in Directory is also deleted?  No
  4. When a SAFE account is created and the Post has a Directory enabled, is a Directory entry automatically created?  Yes
  5. How frequently the synchronization takes place? Twice a day (every 12 hours)
  6. If the Directory synchronization is set to bidirectional, are all changes (phone numbers, email addresses, and Radio call-sign only) automatically updated on both sides?  Yes
  7. What is the "Do not Import Sections" setting in the Directory Configuration means?  "Do not import" means that the Sections coming from the SAFE profile are ignored, so you must set it manually (through Positions or in the Employee record) once the employee is added to ATLAS Directory.


ATLAS Directory does NOT create a SAFE entry.  However, a new SAFE entry created for your Post will feed into your Directory if all the criteria match.  For example, for a new entry, if the criteria 'Type' matches the active 'Types' in Post's SAFE system (this includes EFMs), the new SAFE entry will then feed into Directory.

ATLAS Directory will receive SAFE entries and will synchronize Phone Numbers, Email Addresses and Radio Call-Sign information but it will not update other profile information nor delete entries.


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