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AFN Module

  • New name for menu item under the Administration/AFN Decoders page Inventory filter.  Inventory is now USG-Owned Decoder Inventory.

  • New feature to enable sending AFN Activities notifications (Permissions Updates, AFN Expirations) to a Distribution List.(1)  Turn on/off AFN Expiration notifications enabled. (2)

  • Updated the Bulk Import AFN Activations page to specify mandatory fields to be included in the imported Spreadsheet (Special Column Values).

Radio Checks

  • Updated Monthly Schedules settings to use only the date in the Active From and Active To fields.

  • Added new Call Quality configuration for the IRM Monthly Reports calculation.  For Success Percentages, Post can now include/exclude Out of Town, Unreadable, or Tried but No Contact statuses.


  • Release v1.8.8 includes additional bug fixes.
  • Any additional follow up on ServiceNow support tickets will come from the ADG Support Team.


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