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ATLAS Directory Release Notes v1.9.1

New Features:

  • Print Templates-Added Name options in Print Templates Name field-'Name (Last,First)' and Name '(First Last)'

In the Manage Print Templates page, List Layout, we have added two options for the Name field.


  • Household Members -- Added relationship column in Household Members main page.

In the Household Members main page, we have added the Relationship to Employee column.  This is especially helpful for the Switchboard team, as they will no longer be required to click another button to retrieve this information.

  • Phone Trees -- Added option for two personal phones in the Available Details section within the Phone Trees.

When configuring the Display Properties for a Phone Tree, Home Phone and Personal Mobile are now available as options in the Detail dropdowns.


  • Radio Module -- Added email notifications for various event types.

The Radio Module configuration (Administration Menu/Directory Configuration/Radio Check tab) now has the advanced option to add a footer to the email notification template for each organization.


  • Radio Module -- Added email notifications for various event types.

From the Radio Dashboard, new icons allow access to several options.  See icons below:



Icon 1

Edit the Radio Check Schedule by selecting the Edit icon () from the Email Settings tab, users can set up email notification preferences.



Icon 2

To trigger an email notification to all radio assignees included in the Radio Check event upon starting, click the Mail icon ()



Icon 3

Select the Excel icon () to preview the monthly Results Report sent to IRM.



Icon 4

To update the Zones and Groups associated with the Radio List for an event, in the Radio Check schedule, select the Refresh icon ().  The radio list will now reflect those in the current event.



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