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Validate Digitally Signed Documents
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Release Notes v1.2.0

New Features:

  • Validate Digitally Signed Document
    • A new feature allows users to validate the integrity of a document signed with ATLAS Firma.

  • Reroute Form Step
    • Added a Reroute Current Step link (only when signing) to change the assignee/s of a certain step and will also send an email notifying of the change.  Both the form Owner and the currently assigned users have access to this tool.
      • If a user is removed from the signature step, the user is also removed from the Watch List.

      • If a user is added to the signature step, the user is also added to the Watch List as a signer.

  • Recently Deleted Forms
    • When a form is deleted, it is moved to the Recently Deleted Forms page. The deleted forms are available to download for 30 days.

  • Watch List
    • Add OKTA User to Watch List
      • This is a new feature that allows adding a watcher to the form and share it with other Okta users, giving them the authority to act as the form's "Co-Owner" and do anything the Owner of the form can.  The form can only be shared with other users as an Owner, Signer, or Viewer by Owners.

      • To add a new watcher, click the plus symbol (+) button in the Watch List.
        • Toggle options for changing as Form Owner, Notifying Completed Steps, and Notifying Completed Form are available.

  • Edit OKTA User to Watch List
    • To edit an existing watch list, on the details pane, select the Edit Watch List link. The Owner can also delete a Co-Owner, Signer, or Viewer from this section and remove them from the access list.

  • Repeat Workflow
    • A new feature for all users to repeat a workflow and copy the Watch List. On the details pane, select the Repeat Workflow link. 
  • Share Form
    • A new function that allows form Owners to share their forms by selecting the Share Form option from the form's menu.


  • In Add Form, a new error message has been added if a user tries to Save as Draft without having uploaded a form.
  • Added a “GMT” to the web signature preview, and when the mouse hovers over the time, the present time zone is displayed.

  • When the final signature is applied and the form is completed, it will send an email to all parties that are assignees of a signature task.
    • A download link for the final copy of the form can be found in the email. 
    • The form will not be available indefinitely in Firma.

  • Added a light watermark to the right side of the uploaded signatures (wet signatures) on the forms.

  • Created a New Email Template
    • A new email template will be sent as the signing process moves forward. This is used by the Watch List (and also sent to the form Owner unless it is disabled from the Watch List).

    • A new email template will be sent when a new user is granted the Co-Owner role to the form.

    • A new email template will be sent when an existing user is revoked the Co-Owner role to a form.




  • Release v1.2.0 includes additional bug fixes:

    • Add New Step is now working.
    • Fixed an issue where the selected row count does not clear properly when the Clear Filter is applied.
    • The ADG Help Desk link in the footer's Quick Links section has been changed to two separate links.

      • ADG Support - links to ServiceNow Helpdesk

      • User Guides - links to Zendesk Knowledge Base for ATLAS Firma

    • In the Contact Favorites section of the My Profile menu, the Add New column from the downloaded file (Excel, CSV) has been deleted.
    • Fixed an issue where the Reject button throws an "Unhandled Exception" error.
    • Fixed an issue where signatures in rotated pages inside PDF forms are not rotated when applied.
    • Implemented an ADG Log Framework for a detailed record of activities.
    • Fixed an issue where the application should no longer open the form upon starting the signature flow if the user is not the assignee of the first step; instead, it should return to the index.
    • Fixed an issue where a 270-degree-rotated form failed to upload with no errors displayed.
    • Fixed a problem where the graphical appearance would not expand if signature block is larger.
    • Corrected a problem where the signature seemed distorted when the signature block had a different aspect ratio than the saved signature appearance.
    • Fixed the typo in the warning message when starting a signature workflow.
    • Fixed an issue where the Viewer/Signer should NOT see forms while still in draft status.
    • Fixed the "Unhandled Exception" issue when the Co-Owner started the signature workflow.
    • Fixed a problem where, while signing a form, the toggle in the Watch List can still be edited after the signature flow is started
    • Added a period to each sentence in the email message.
    • Fixed an issue where in the Edit Watch List page, the form Owner setting is lost.
    • Fixed an issue where in the Recently Deleted Forms, when the Date filter was removed, it will not return to previous default result
    • Fixed an issue, where in My Forms, when there is no filter selected, the count still showing the # of forms.
  • Any additional follow-up on ServiceNow support tickets will come from the ADG Support Team.


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